Welcome to Pharco B Pharmaceutical Company

Operating under the umbrella of Pharco Corporation, Pharco B International (PBI) is a private Egyptian shareholding pharmaceutical company based in Alexandria, Egypt. Founded in 2008, PBI was established as a dedicated unit for the production of Cephalosporin and its derivatives. Our products are manufactured for both local and export markets.

Pharco B Internationaloperates in a way that actively recognizes the central role that healthcare plays in the development and well-being of the society by initiating innovative techniques to improve the quality of life in the national and international communities.

Pharco B International strives to provide a better quality of life by producing high quality Pharmaceuticals with affordable prices & by solving major health problems
PBI Certification

PBI complies with the most advanced international production norms and regulations. We are dedicated to demonstrating and operating in a quality based environment that complies with international regulations.