About Pharco B


Operating under the umbrella of Pharco Corporation, Pharco B International (PBI) is a private Egyptian shareholding pharmaceutical company based in Alexandria, Egypt. PBI was Founded in 2008 and operating with License No. 1/2008.


Pharco B International was established as a dedicated unit for the production of Cephalosporin and its derivatives. Our products are distributed to the local and export markets.


Pharco B International is a leading pharmaceutical company in Egypt with an annual turnover of USD 41 million

Company History

Pharco B is a shareholding company with 50 million Egyptian pounds authorized and paid capital. Pharco B is a member of Pharco Corporation starting in 2008 with a dedicated facility for production of Cephalosporin antibiotics for local and international market with two product lines one for Non-sterile cephalosporin solid dosage form and another for sterile Cephalosporin vials.


On 2010 one product line for filling of WFI was added
On 2012 two product lines for small volume parental with two sterile areas were added
On 2013 one product line for large volume parental was added

Ethics & Transparency are the core of the company’s social responsibility. It is our way of working every day and forms the basis of our relationship with each of our stakeholders.

We strongly believe that Ethics & Transparency are real drivers of value creation, essential and undisputed to preserve and strengthen the trust of patients, stakeholders and communities.

Environmental Sustainability

We strive to make efficient use of natural resources and to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and products.

Our values

Our values underpin our company culture. They describe the professional behaviors we expect from our employees. These values are an integral part of the framework we use to recruit people, develop them, and assess and reward their performance.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We encourage people to experiment and take smart risks. Our aim is to foster creative thinking that leads to practical solutions to healthcare and business challenges.


We encourage our employees to put the success of their team first and to value each other’s contributions and feedback. We embrace diverse perspectives to develop an inclusive environment where everyone can achieve their full potential.


We focus on personal and team achievements by taking smart risks while maintaining high ethical standards.


We want our people to have the courage to stand up for their ideas and challenge the status. We also want them to have the courage to do the right thing in the face of resistance or moral dilemmas.


We care about our people, patients and customers and commit to the highest ethical standards in what we do. We take a principles-based approach to support constructive discussions and improve decision-making.