Contracting Services

Manufacturing Services

PBI offers a wide range of manufacturing options designed to meet various volume requirement, safety and quality standards through advanced manufacturing technology, up to date facility, well designed and implemented a quality system.


  • PBI produce Cephalosporin products in dedicated facilities whether injectable or oral forms represented in
    • Cephalosporin Vials for injection
    • Cephalosporin solid dosage forms include (tablets, hard gelatin capsules and powder for oral suspension)

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Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Cote Devoir, Gabon, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijani, Senegal, Niger, Uganda.

Under Licensing Services in Egypt

Multinational companies are in contract manufacturing agreements with PBI for production of their injectable& oral products.


Pharco B International has several products which are marketed in different foreign countries. and our site is regularly inspected by different regulatory authorities inlcuding; Egyptian ministry of health, ministry of public health in Romania , Saudi FDA  & federal ministry of health in Sudan.